Our company manages the cultivation process on over 110 hectares of land in Emilia Romagna and Marche. Most plants are grown here and are processed in Canonica di Santarcangello, 10 km from Rimini.

To ensure continuity of supply throughout the year, Azienda Agricola Natura carefully selects cultivation areas with the best soil and climate in Italy. Secondly, it develops specific partnerships with Global G.A.P. certified producers.

Our selection is combined with the responsible and sustainable use of organic processing aids and targeted plant protection products,in order to lower the environmental impact and ensure high-quality standards.

A prearranged sampling plan for processed raw materials allows our company to check for any chemical residues before the product is harvested and to protect consumers’ health.

We use a traceability system for products in packages and boxes, which includes accurate monitoring of the crops during the whole production process.

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